The goal of GRK is to deliver each customer a flawless performance — to get it right the first time. That’s why the company makes sure that every employee is quality-minded. In other words, everybody within the company is answerable to both tehmselves, the company, the customer and finally the end-user on product quality meeting in every instance the demands set by customer and society.

The GRK quality system abides by the ISO 9001 standard. The company quality system forms, together with the ISO 14001 environment management system and the OHSAS 18001 safety system, a unified management system, the purpose of which is to amplify and unify operations and the processes of realization. These systems, which steer company operations, have been certified by Det Norske Veritas, GL and RALA ry. The certificate is not an end to itself, it is a useful way to develop GRK operations for the benefit of the customer.

At GRK, quality holds both the tangible quality of the work completed as well as safe working conditions and methods that respect the environment. Employee health and safety are of special concern in our everyday operations. It is part of company values that each employee leaves the workplace in equally good condition as upon arrival. This goal is supported by continuous development work for the adoption of ever better and safer ways to work — with the aid of modern technology.

Infrastructure projects always have a concrete impact on the environment, respect for which is among the core values of GRK. This means, among other things, that GRK, both as a company and on the individual level, takes into account the environmental risks of each project and phase, and acts accordingly to minimize or eradicate the risks. The goal is to finish the projects with methods that burden the environment as little as possible.

The aim of the company is to produce its services with high quality, cost-efficiency and methods that respect the environment — both on the drawing board and on-site.